Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Kebloom encourage the entrepreneurial spirit?

The future is uncertain and always shifting, and the traditional route to success no longer cuts it.  We want young people to have the skills and experience to be more innovative and creative in their pursuits.  Kebloom helps young people to follow their passions and go after what inspires them, rather than be locked in to  a small set of options presented to them.

Why should I sign up for Kebloom?

Kebloom is the catalyst and cheerleader for young people’s big ideas.  On Kebloom, young people are the creators, we simply harness that creativity and help young people turn those dreams into something real.

Why be a founder and why is it important?

Becoming a founder gives young people a gigantic head start in creating their own future, even as the landscape of the future is always shifting.  Being a founder instills a sense of independence and bolsters a Can-Do mentality. Also, all young people have incredible creativity, and we want to help young people embrace and explore their talents.

What if I don’t have a business idea?

No problem!  Kebloom starts by helping you understand your passions, interests, and skills.  Once you know yourself, ideas will begin to flow!

Is Kebloom only for business ideas?

Nope!  You can use Kebloom to launch a non-profit, a social cause, or an opportunity for service.  Dream big and make it happen!

At what age can one become a founder?

Kebloom is designed for founders between the ages of 9 and 15.  But anyone of any age can sign up and use Kebloom to launch their idea!

What kind of founder can I be?

The kind of founder you can be is limited only by the boundaries of your dreams! Maybe you love painting, baking, gardening or dog walking.  Maybe you want to make a difference in your neighborhood or city. Maybe you want to create a sell sustainable clothing. Turn to what you love, and turn that into your idea.

How is the member’s usage monitored?

Mentors can see the progress of members in their group, approved challenges, and cheerlead the whole process.  

Can schools, CLUBS & organisations ALSO use Kebloom?

Yes!  Kebloom is great for home use, classrooms and for groups.

What is the role of a mentor?

Mentors are champions of the future of young people, and cheerleaders of the process of dreaming and launching their idea on Kebloom.  Mentors also have access to administrative functions like creating new groups and inviting new members to their group.

Who can be a mentor?

Anyone who’s committed to being a cheerleader for young people can be a mentor.  A parent, a teacher, an older student, or an older sibling would all make great mentors!

What is the role of a leader?

A leader can view their group’s progress, check in on how members are making their way through the steps, approve challenges, and other administrative tasks.

Who can be a member?

Anyone!  With its beginning in self-discovery and an easy-to-use process, Kebloom is great for anyone!

Can anyone create their own business using the Launch Box?

Of course!  Young people, parents, teachers, leaders and mentors can all use the Kebloom Launch Box to turn their ideas into reality.

What is a group?

A group is a list of members under your guidance.

Can I add existing Kebloom users to my group?

Yep!  Sure can.  Here’s how: from the groups page, you can invite existing users to your group.  You just need to know their email address or their username.

What is the Launch Box?

Pure Awesomeness!  It is the collection of steps for you to launch your idea; from understanding your strengths and passions to setting goals to launch, it guides you from beginning to end.

Who can help if I have a problem?

Get in touch!  Click the Message Us button located throughout the site, or email us at We’re happy to help!

How long should a member spend on the Launch Box?

As long as it takes for them to be sure that the outcomes reflect their passions and skills, setting them up with a great idea that they can then take forward and make a reality.

How does the mentor approve the challenges completed?

Mentors approve challenges on the Group page.  You’ll see an icon indicating that a member of yours has a challenge ready to be approved.  

What happens after I complete a step?

After you complete a step, a new step will open up. Once all steps for the level are completed, you will be able to complete a challenge and unlock the next level after your mentor approves your challenge.

Why are challenges locked?  

Collaboration and community are important parts of the Kebloom process.  The challenges are locked to encourage accountability, to maintain connections between members and leaders, and to keep everyone in a group on the same pace.  A leader may choose to unlock all of a member’s challenges by making that member a leader or mentor.

How do I know if a member needs their challenge approved?

On your Group page, you’ll see a notification letting you know a member is ready for approval.