Catch up with Kebloom

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Catch up with Kebloom

Our co-founder Allan Lalic spent the last few months visiting schools brimming with aspiring entrepreneurs and pitched Kebloom, our entrepreneurial platform, to them.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with now over 50 schools trialing Kebloom and passing back invaluable feedback. This feedback helping improve the platform and ensuring it is classroom ready. 

Not only did we find a large and eager demographic, we found essential findings supporting the importance of an entrepreneurial education for our young people.

Americans no doubt have the perfect mindset for getting out and pitching that perfect business idea and with the existing benefits why shouldn’t they!

Statistics show that an entrepreneurial education can help with developing one’s problem-solving skills, improve their public speaking and money management skills and even increases their job readiness (DCCYIT, 2001).

Not only that, but a 2013 survey conducted on Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship graduates proved that their qualification resulted in 88% of graduates finding employment, in contrast to the national average of 68% (Beary, 2013).

Clearly the American market values entrepreneurship highly and is willing to compensate for it, with NFTE graduates earning an annual income more than $10,000 higher than their certificate-less counterparts (Beary, 2013).

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