Change the conversation

Change the conversation.

We at Kebloom have come up a wild concept – stop asking young people what it is they want to be when they grow up.

Why is this?

Well, 65% of young people starting school today will be in jobs that don’t even exist yet.

So, it seems without reason to encourage young people to aspire to jobs that are likely to be non-existent or redundant in their futures.

Not only that, but when 65% of the jobs that our young people will have in the futures don’t even exist yet –do we even know what we’re asking them to aspire towards?

So, instead we should be asking young people – what kind of person do you want to be and what impact do you want to have on this world.

For instance:

Do they want to reduce the amount of plastic waste?

Do they want to be one of the first to invent cheap and eco-friendly energy?

What is their driving motivation to be the best they can be?

In this way young people will be inclined to look internally at their skills, talents, passions, helping uncover their purpose in life – not just what job or profession would be best suited to ‘match’ this. 

In this way, focusing on something other than what job role young people can aspire towards – young people can think more objectively about what their futures hold in light of being the best version of themselves they can be!

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