The new way to get involved

The new way to get involved

What kinds of activities do your young people partake in on their weekends and after school? Is it dancing, painting or soccer? With 40% of Australian families signing up their young people from an early age, extra curricular activities seem to be all the rage. But why is it parents send their young people to do activities external to their schooling? Is it just for a bit of time off, the attainment of extra skills that school doesn’t foster or simply because everyone else is doing it?

If it is for the attainment of additional skills, what skills are you hoping these activities foster? Are these skills that cannot be developed in any other way? What about the expense of sending young people to these activities? With 20% of the household income being sunk in extra-curricular activities, it’s certainly not always the cheapest whim to pursue.

So, given this, we want to say to you, the parents, what if there was an alternative? An alternative that teaches young people fundamental business skills that will benefit them later in life and costs a fraction of the regular extra-curricular activities we’re indulging in!

Kebloom is a fun, online business-building platform offering exactly that.

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