Dream smarter, not smaller

Dream smarter, not smaller

Were you ever told as a kid that your dreams are too crazy? Too unrealistic? That they were never going to happen?

In a world of set expectations, it can be hard to break the mould and make what appears to be impossible, possible.

Not only that, but it takes a lot of determination and perseverance to overcome every no in the pursuit of that singular yes.

It’s a tough world out there, and the difficulty and negativity from external parties (parents, teachers and other role models) are key factors in turning young people away from pursuing and working at nurturing their passions.

And although giving up might be easy, is it right?

We at Kebloom want to teach young people that these dreams, whilst potentially far-fetched from a narrow-minded perspective, are in fact attainable.

What’s more, we want to be the catalyst to your kid’s success, and that yes that they need to get up and running, knowing that there is in fact a someone or something out there backing them!

So, parents, next time your kid comes to you with a wild and wacky concept, sign them up to Kebloom and let’s work together to turn that so called ‘unattainable’ idea into a business reality.