How can our young people be best educated?

At schools? Their extra-curricular activities? Through tutoring? A combination of the three? 

Perhaps, but what if there was another option, an option that would not only be beneficial to the learning of young people but also fun for kids of all ages? 

Kebloom is an online community, which unlike a school or traditional after-school activity provides young people with a modernised, digital way to get involved with learning fundamental skills that aren’t touched upon within the existing curriculum.

Young people will be taught the skills of business acumen, entrepreneurism and financial literacy. The challenges set and completed giving young people an insight into how they can best use their passions, talents and interests in the creation of a successful enterprise. Not only that, but the business plan once finalised giving kids the chance to start building their idea into a thriving, successful reality.

We recognise that young people want nothing more than to explore their curiosity and creativity and Kebloom is the ultimate outlet to do so.

Why not give your kids the best head start to developing crucial life skills and getting educated outside the four walls of a classroom?

Sign up today and see the difference.