How to: Altruism

How to: Altruism

It’s no secret that our world is crying out for sustainability and humanitarian acts now, more than ever.  

We at Kebloom believe it’s our role as individuals living and using the resources of our planet to take note of the impact we make and be more conscious and kinder as a result.  

As a result, we want to be the catalyst for change, encouraging young people to be more mindful of the way that they treat the environment, people less fortunate and each other.

A way in which we do this is encouraging young people (once having set up their business with Kebloom) to consider donating funds to a charity or a not-for-profit organisation. Thus, rather than promoting the idea of spending for the sake of spending, young people will instead realise the positive implications of their kind actions.

By encouraging a charitable nature in kids, we hope that they will then carry these traits forward and create a generation of leaders who are altruistic in behaviour – contributing positively to society overall in future years to come.

If this sounds like the kind of world you’d like to live within, then why wait around? Be a fundamental part in creating a better tomorrow for young people and adults everywhere!

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