Grit, Goals & Growth


Grit, Goals & Growth

Our teachers are in the business of teaching much more than the basic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. Teachers show their students the world, serving as a role model and mentor. They maintain interest in their students developing as human beings, not just as someone attending school to check an academic box. 

Teachers teach not only because they are drawn to it. They teach because by helping to shape the next generation, they support the child who has no one; they foster growth and perhaps most importantly, they empower students to chase their dreams, no matter how lofty. 

The teachers that make the biggest impact on their students’ lives, truly care about their students and wish to see them succeed.

If we want our teachers to make a profound impact on their students, surely we should emphasize the right values in schools? For instance, the characteristics of grit, goal setting skills and growth tactics, which are often unsuccessfully implemented in students. As despite these lessons being taught, many creative and easily distracted kids are falling through the cracks. So, how can we get all of our students to get excited about school and the teachers teaching them?

Teaching a young person to set goals can be accomplished in a variety of ways, but what about getting students engaged and setting goals through entrepreneurship?

At Kebloom we believe in teaching entrepreneurship to all kids grades K-12. It’s our philosophy to teach entrepreneurship through the act of doing. On our platform, kids have the chance to learn through experience and to engage with their own ideas and passions at school. 

Raise Student Engagement 

This can help teachers who are struggling to connect with the students that dislike traditional classroom activities and give them direct access to their learning. So, even if school is not a student’s passion, entrepreneurship can provide an outlet for their creativity.

Kebloom in a nutshell

Kebloom is an online entrepreneurship platform that guides kids through the steps of creating a business plan. They start by reflecting on their talents, interests and passions and then begin to build a business around that. While moving through the levels of their launch box they also learn all about goal setting. Students can set achievable goals for their business. There is no penalty for not reaching these goals. They are encouraged to re-evaluate these goals and try again. Students may find it challenging to overcome obstacles in their planning but the wins will make their setbacks worth it! This trial and error method of learning builds grit and teaches problem solving. Although their mission is guided, each student will face varying problems throughout their business journey, due to differences in ideas and strengths.

Grit & Goal setting

So, what is grit? The grit that we are referring to aligns with Angela Duckworth’s definition from her book, Grit: the power of passion and perseverance. She defines grit to be a “combination of passion and perseverance towards a long-term goal.” With this definition in mind, goal setting and grit truly go hand in hand, you cannot have one without the other.


Alongside grit and goal setting lies growth. Students grow through their challenges and failures. Educational systems are not always the most conducive for creating avenues for growth or building grit, whilst the use of Kebloom in the classroom can serve as a solution. 

With Kebloom, it’s our goal to create a space where ideas matter, failure is considered an opportunity for growth, and trial and error is encouraged. We are, in essence, a place for the purest form of creativity. Entrepreneurship is all about falling down and getting back up to attempt something different. We set goals to give ourselves a sense of direction and a target to aim for and the bigger the goal, the bigger the challenge and the greater the growth.

Help your students start building grit, chasing their goals, and pursuing growth with Kebloom today. 

Written by Abigail Steen

Edited by Ellie McRae


Grit, Goals & Growth