How to: Flourish

How to: Flourish

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye” – The Little Prince

This quote speaks immeasurably about the value of what we want deep down inside us versus what we are told to want and see replicated around us in society.

It’s applicable to a number of things, but one thing, in particular.

We’re talking about young people’s passions, dreams and goals. Those that are oftentimes buried deep down and evoked when still young, then to be crushed once they come of a certain age – where good grades and schooling take precedence.

It is clear that we oftentimes we overlook what is most important – despite knowing that there is a way to achieve the same, if not more, just by pursuing the creative, open minded route to thinking.

Which is where Kebloom steps in. Instead of crushing this open-minded, creative way of thinking, we want to nurture it.

In giving young people the chance to be entrepreneurial and business-minded, we give them the chance to turn their wild and wonderful ideas into a pursuable reality. 

Why stomp down a flower that’s only trying to grow?

Give all kids a chance to flourish.

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