Not all kids

Not all kids

How do we educate young people that there is more than one way to achieving success when they are continuously taught from a young age is that good grades and conformity are the key to going far in life?

We know that not all kids are cut out for the strict school curriculum and their ideas may not necessarily fit inside the box of expectations… 

So, we have a solution. Kebloom’s community platform is one that fosters the imagination and creativity of kids, giving them a chance to live out their wonderful ideas within a business context.

Not only is this great in the realisation of amazing ideas but it gives young people the chance to then develop their basic financial literacy skills and business acumen, skills that can be carried well into their futures.

This is a community also, so young people can network with other likeminded kids who share their dreams and ambitions – helping them along on their business journey and giving them the reassurance that they’re on the right track!

It’s not about success; it’s about the dream and we’re here to make that dream, the reality.

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