Why give up?

Why give up?

Why is it we struggle to maintain our talents, passions and hobbies?

Often, we take them as far as adulthood to then give up for the sake of prioritising something more ‘practical.’

Or, we try promising ourselves that one day we’ll return to these passions and rediscover what it was we initially loved about them.

In reality, we usually just give up what it is we loved as kids because it’s simply just easier and ‘more feasible’ to pursue the ‘appropriate’ goals society dictates for us.

So, what is it about childhood dreams that seem so farfetched for an adult to pursue, and why do we struggle to stay as enthused about our talents as when we were as kids?

The perception we have drilled into us as kids and more so as adults, is that the majority of our talents or hobbies have no monetary value.

Ergo, they are simply not worth our time or energy.

However, we at Kebloom are here to challenge that mentality.

We know young people can achieve just about anything if their passions are put towards a goal or mindset.

All it takes is a plan, and Kebloom’s Launch Box is exactly designed for this.

Help young people turn an ‘infeasible’ dream into a reality.

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